Servo Tester Turnigy Cod TSERVTEST
Servomecanisme Accesorii/ Diverse Servo Tester Turnigy
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Turnigy servo tester este un dispozitiv plin de functii utile. Butonul rotativ si afisajul LCD transforma programarea lui intr-o activitate simpla si placuta.
Moduri de lucru:
- ED Endurance mode: Cycles your servos for endurance testing
- FP Offers a 3 point test, great for testing the centering ability of your servo
- DB Dead Band testing will show the dead band of a servo within 30us
- SP is a speed testing mode that will give you a ms reading for a 60deg travel
- WP is an auto mode that will swing the servo left to right at a user selected speed
- PW is a pulse width test mode, this mode will display the pulse width of a connected servo

- High performance-to-price ratio, combined with proprietary test algorithm, which guarantee that the test is fast and stable.
- G.T Power tester can be powered by LiPo battery through the balance charging wire adaptor or DC power supply. It is both convenient and flexible.
- The rolling menu toolbar makes the operation clear and easy.
- The function setting is easy and practical which covers most parameters that end users need.
- The device is equipped with servo and receiver wires, which makes the measurement operation a lot easier.
- The device is equipped with clear and high contrast LCD monitor to show individual parameter and menu selection which assures the user will see the testing information accurately and completely.
- Bigger buttons are used over the smaller ones, which proves good feedback and reduces misoperations.
Utilizabil la orice tip de servo
Latime puls digital: 500 ~ 2500 us
Tensiune alimentare: 2S LiPo sau 7.4 - 12 V

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