Aeromodel avion CESSNA TTX ARF (1450 mm) Cod 22-2240KY
Aeromodele Avioane Cu anvergura 1.0 - 1.5 m Aeromodel avion CESSNA TTX ARF (1450 mm)
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Cessna TTX ARF, BLS servos
The Cessna TTX is the most advanced single-engine light aircraft on the market. The cockpit is fully equipped with screens - gone are the days of the countless electromechanical devices. Our model of the Cessna TTX is without doubt one of the most successful replicas of this aircraft type. In addition to functioning flaps, the TTX also has a lighting set with position lights, landing lights and flashing strobes at the wing tips of the wing.
The model is constructed in foamed construction from the very light and robust material HypoDur®. All moldings are colored white, the decorative parts are already applied to the fuselage, wing and tail. The brushless direct drive is powered by a 3S LiPo battery and gives the model a powerful flight. This means that the model is impressive even in windy weather conditions in the scene. The change of the drive battery is simple and comfortable on the removable trunk lid prior to the canopy.
The wing is constructed divided, the two wing halves are frictionally connected to each other via a joiner. The ailerons and flaps are taken through a wing servo.
The articulation of the elevator and rudder via miniature servos, which are housed in the fuselage. The nose gear is steerable and feathered. The wheel pants complete the most prototypical appearance of the Cessna TTX perfectly. Whether on the ground or in the air - this model is on every airport a real eye catcher! Especially during the landing approach provides the Cessna with its landing lights and the extended flaps a gorgeous silhouette.

- Model replica of modern sport aircraft
- All moldings are foamed from the lightweight material HypoDur®
- Good-natured flight characteristics
- Comes standard with functional flaps
- Comes standard with built-in lighting kit
- Especially prototypical appearance in the air
- Powerful brushless motor
- Complete scope with LiPo battery charger and balancer
- With just a few simple steps, the model is ready
- Easy to handle on the ground and in the air

Wingspan: 1450 mm
Length: 990 mm
Weight approx: 960 g
Engine: Ø30x28mm/ 1350 KV
Battery: 11.1V LiPo 3S

RC functions:
- Elevator
- Rudder with nose gear
- Aileron
- Motor
- Flaps

- Fuselage, wings and empennage in foamed construction, Lighting
- 4 Mini servos
- Brushless motor
- Brushless ESC

Required accessories:
- 5-channel remote control system
- LiPo Battery 11.1V / 1900 mA
- LiPo Charger


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