Stabilizator de zbor EAGLE A3 Super 3, cu gyro pe 6 axe, pentru avioane (card de programare inclus)

Cod A3-SUPV2
Aeromodele Accesorii Diverse Stabilizator de zbor EAGLE A3 Super 3, cu gyro pe 6 axe, pentru avioane (card de programare inclus)
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Stabilizator de zbor EAGLE A3 Super 3, cu gyro pe 6 axe, pentru avioane (card de programare inclus)

Senzori: 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer
Gyroscope Scale Range: ±2000 dps
Accelerometer Scale Range: ±4g
Input Signal: Standard PPM with center point 1520uS, or S.Bus serial data
Output Signal: PWM max frequency 333Hz, 1520±500uS
Tensiune alimentare: 4.8 - 7.4 V
Temperatura de lucru: -10 - 50 ℃
Dimensiuni: 43 × 27× 14 mm
Masa: 10 g (excluding wires)
- 32-bit MCU, 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer.
- One-click rescue, One-click hover.
- 6 flight modes: off, normal, 3D, auto-balance, auto-hover and user defined mode.
- 2 stick control modes: Manual Mode(MM) and Auto Mode(RR/AR).
- Various wing types: 1AIL+1ELE, 2AIL+1ELE, 1AIL+2ELE, 2AIL+2ELE, delta-wing and V-tail.
- Separated gain setting and gain rate for each flight mode, remote master gain control.
- Compatible with all standard receivers or Futaba's S.Bus/S.Bus single-line receiver.
- Up to 333Hz servo operating frequency, compatible with all analog and digital servos.
- 5-level response rate setting allows you to use it on gas-powered planes.
- H.V(7.4V) receivers and servos supported.
- Flat or upright mounting orientations.
- A program card helps you setting up the controller more easily in the field.
- New designed config GUI allows you upgrade the firmware online
Flight Modes:
Gyro Off Mode: Choose this mode to disable the gyros for all channels. The plane will be completely under the control of the radio. The plane will go back to its previous performance when operating it in this mode. Usually it is only used to test.
Normal Mode: Normal mode is the most basic application of the gyro. In this mode, the gyro will sense angular velocity on each axis and make a momentary reaction. The normal mode is suitable for all types of fixed-wings, it can effectively improve the stability of your plane specially on a windy day.
3D AVCS Mode: The AVCS mode is an advanced application of the gyro. By adding an integral algorithm to the gyros, the controller will try to lock the plane to its previous attitude if there is no command sent from the transmitter in a flight. This mode can effectively help you to accomplish such hard actions as hover and knife edge. But this mode is designed especially for the 3D planes, it's not suitable for the planes those not designed for 3D flight.
Auto-balance Mode: The auto-balance mode is designed for the new beginners or the FPV applications. When operating in this mode, the controller will command the plane to maintain level flight automatically when you release the sticks. When switch it to this mode from any other modes in an emergency, the plane will recover to the level flight automatically, which we call "one-click rescue".
Auto-hover Mode: The auto-hover mode is another form of the self balance ability of the controller. The only difference is that the correction from the gyro will be applied to both pitch and yaw axes, to keep the plane always vertical. When switch to this mode, the plane will lift its nose and start to hover automatically, which we call "one-click hover".
User Defined Mode: This mode allows you to select different mode for each axis, from normal , 3D or gyro off mode.
Stick Control Mode: Manual Mode(MM) When manual mode is chosen, the sticks are used to control the surfaces directly as usual. That is, there is no rotation rate or tilt angle locking and limitation when you move the sticks. All the servos will be completely under the control of the radio. It's more obvious to the users because you can see the servos move following the sticks as you expected. The plane will maintain its original control behavior when operating it in this mode.
Auto Mode(RR/AR): When using this mode, the controller will take over the control of all servos. The sticks are used to control the rotation rate (RR) on each axis when flying in normal or 3D mode, or the tilt angle rate (AR) on each axis when flying in auto-balance or auto-hover mode. The max rotation rate and max tilt angle can be set in the program card or the config software. In this mode, the controller will handle the position of the surfaces based on the actual rotation rate or tilt angle of the plane intelligently. This is why the movement of the servo will become different from the manual mode.
- A3 Super 2 Main Controller × 1
- Program Card × 1
- Receiver Cable (15cm) × 3
- Data Cable (40cm) × 1
- USB Adapter × 1
- 3M Double-sided Tapes × 2


The new designed GUI helps you accomplish all settings of the controller and upgrade the firmware online.

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