Sistem radiocomanda Futaba FX-40 + R6014 2.4GHz Cod F8049/SH
Diverse Second Hand Sistem radiocomanda Futaba FX-40 + R6014 2.4GHz
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FX-40, the luxury-class transmitter for tray use, featuring a huge 151 x 57 mm (six inch) backlit full-colour touch-screen monitor and menu control system based on Windows CE(tm), now also with FASST 2.4 GHz technology. The FASST system is a Spread Spectrum system with frequency hopping (FHSS), and is therefore permitted to transmit a maximum power of 100 mW EIRP. This gives it adequate reserves even for large-scale model aircraft and jets.
- No crystals, no spot frequency selection, maximum security from same-channel interference.
- Virtually interference-free due to Spread Spectrum modulation, frequency hopping and encoding from transmitter to receiver using more than 130 million codes.
- Please see the FASST introduction page for a detailed description of the advantages of 2.4 GHz FASST technology.
- This is a variant of the familiar FX-40 system, supplied complete with the TM 14 FASST RF module and R6014FS 14-channel FASST receiver.
- The system is very straightforward to program in conjunction with the touch-screen control buttons, or the 3-D hotkey and the graphically based Windows(tm) user interface.
- Comprehensive software provides all the essential facilities even for power models, gliders and helicopters with extensive functions. Plenty of freely programmable mixers are available with up to 17-point curves for setting up very complex mixer functions. Includes logical switched function for switches and sticks.
- Special precision-made dual-axis stick units with quadruple ballraces and long-life industrial-standard potentiometers. Experience the special feeling of control for yourself.
- The FASST system provides 14 channels with a resolution of 2048 steps, and thereby fulfils the wish of many modellers for more channels. The large bandwidth available on the 2.4 GHz band makes it possible to provide many high-resolution channels and fast signal repeat rates (16.5 ms). The latency - the interval between operating the transmitter control and the servo starting to move - is reduced even further. Virtually real-time control.
- The latest BGA (Ball Grid Array) layout technology enabled us to reduce the size of the matching R 6014 FS FASST receiver (with aerial diversity system) to just 52.5 x 37.5 x 16 mm, and a weight of only 21 g.

Caracteristicile sistemului de emisie Futaba 2.4 GHz FASST Caracteristicile sistemului de emisie Futaba 2.4 GHz FASST

Specificatii:                                                                                  Instructiuni
Dimensions: 240 x 230 x 60 mm
Weight: 1630 g
Frequency band: 2.4 GHz
Channel spacing: 2048 kHz
Spotfrequencies: 36.00
Current drain: 450 mA

Power Supply: 7,4V Lithium Ionen Akku 5000 mAh
Functions: max. 28/14 Servos

Continutul kit-ului:
1x FX-40 transmitter, fully expanded to fourteen channels
1x TM14 FASST RF module, 2.4 GHz
2x Lithium transmitter battery, 7.4 V / 5000 mAh
1x 12 V Lithium battery charger (2 A)
1x 230 Volt SPS mains PSU for charging the battery from the mains
1x R5114 DPS 40 MHz receiver
1x Modul pentru emitator 40 MHz
1x Aluminium transport case
1x DSC lead
1x DP card, 32 MB
1x Combination tool / writing stylus
1x Hipower switch harness with charge socket
1x Suport pentru RC + Hamuri
1x Capac spate inlocuit
1x Instructiuni in engleza


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