Radiocomanda RadioMaster TX16S Multi-protocol 2.4GHz + TBS Crossfire Micro TX (ex JUMPER)

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Radiocomenzi Radiocomenzi Radiocomanda RadioMaster TX16S Multi-protocol 2.4GHz + TBS Crossfire Micro TX (ex JUMPER)
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Radiocomanda RadioMaster TX16S Multi-protocol 2.4GHz + TBS Crossfire Micro TX (ex JUMPER)

They worked with Jumper to develop the T16 series and now are ready to bring to market their absolutely amazing priced version of the hottest tx to hit the market in a long time! Welcome the RadioMaster TX16S! 
Weight: 820 g with batteries (not included)
Voltage: DC 7 - 8.4 V
Battery: 2x 18650 (tray supplied) or 2S lipo (batteries not included)
Current: 350 mah (NO CRSF)
Channel: 16 ch
External Micro SD slot: Card Included
2 x External UART Expansion Ports
- Industrial grade 4.3 inch 480*272 outdoor readable color screen
- Compatible with OpenTX
- Wheel menu button
- Full Size HALL sensor gimbals with CNC Aluminum Facia
- Internal Multi-protocol RF System
- Native Full Speed TBS Crossfire support (400K)
- Supports Telemetry (Protocol and Receiver dependent)
- Memory 16M (can be expanded by Micro SD card)
- Voice function
- Vibration reminder function
- Improved JR module slot
- 6-Flight Mode Buttons (Pixhawk, custom functions and more!)
- Three-color LED status display
- USB-C Charging port
- USB-C Simulator and PC connection port
- External UART ports to expand the capabilities of your radio

Why choose TX16S over the Jumper T16 PRO?
- Built in USB-C Charging
- USB-C Data/simulator port
- Bigger battery compartment
- External SD card slot
- 2 X UART ports for updates and DIY
- Improved menu navigation with Page back and forward
- Better case design with improved grip ergonomics
- Better switch quality and placement design
- Better sliders with good center feedback
- Full Size (not small short throw) HALL gimbal with CNC Aluminum face
- Official OpenTX support
- Official Multi-module support
- Improved speaker circuit (no noise)
- Included EPP carry box

TBS Crossfire Micro TX – LRS transmitter

TBS CROSSFIRE is a long range R/C link based on the newest RF technology, capable of self-healing two-way communications and long range with super low lattency. Team BlackSheep has announced their newest LRS transmitter module that fits into standart transmitters external module bay.  TBS Crossfire Micro TX features a sensitivity of -130dB, full RF-side diversity, MAVLink streaming to your mobile device, adaptive bandwidth control with range optimization, low latency, beacon mode for aircraft recovery and many more features. And everything at the half price of the standart TBS Crossfire.
You can pair this TX with tiny receiver for FPV quad or choose diversity 8 channel receiver for full range coverage. The bundle of Micro TX and Micro RX costs even less than Frsky LRS system.
The range could be expected up to 15-20km or maybe more. Yet to be tested.

- Long range, adaptive and robust remote control system for your aircraft
- Immune to on-board noise
- Two-way communication link with real-time link vitals and telemetry
- Self-healing & frequency hopping (DSSS, FHSS)
- Adaptive bandwidth control and range optimization
- Serial Modem capable of transmitting MAVLink or other serial protocols (up & downlink)
- RX beacon mode to recover your downed aircraft
- Super easy binding and configuration via built-in display of your R/C
- Low latency, 150Hz update rate (3x faster than typical RC links) control for perfect immersive feeling
- Two receiver models: 8 port Diversity Rx, 4 port Mini-receiver (4g weight!)
- 8 or 12ch output via SBUS/PPM/CRSF on both receivers
- Ability to fly with multiple friends at the same time (10 or more)
- Selectable RF power from 10mW to 100mW (local restrictions apply)
- Transmitter LED shows link health
- Micro-receiver for smaller drones. Smaller than you think!
- Software updates via RF Link
Frequency Bands: 868MHz (EU, Russia) / 915MHz (USA, Asia, Australia)
Input Voltage: 3.5 – 13V
Power consumption: 1.1W (@10mW) – 2W (@100mW)
Dimensions: 65 x 48 x 22 mm (JR module size)
Weight: 48g


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