Pale rotor principal 430 mm Carbon (2 buc)

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Pale rotor principal 430 mm Carbon (2 buc)

These are high quality, beautifully finished carbon fiber flybarless main blades for your 500 size helicopter. 
Designed specifically for use with the increasingly popular flybarless helicopters, the airfoil and weight balance of these blades has been optimized to give you the best cyclic response and control for your model. 
Despite being designed specifically around flybarless applications, these blades can be used on standard flybar helicopter models as well. They excel in FAI/FC3 style flying when used on traditional flybar helicopter models. 
Although the majority of these blades are perfectly finished, they are sold as "B-grade finish" blades which means there may be a bit of overspray or smudged paint lines. This in no way affects the quality/performance of these blades and most look perfect despite being sold as B-grade. 
You won't find a better price on main blades of this quality anywhere else!
*Perfect for use with Trex 500/Lepton 500 helicopter and other 500 size helis.
Length: 430 mm (bolt hole to blade tip)
Weight: 64 g each
Bolt hole: 3 mm
Grip: 9mm (includes 1mm shims to fit 10mm blade grips)
Please note: Pattern may vary from that shown

Set of 2 pcs

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