Modul GPS cu compas integrat (pentru Pixhawk)

Drone Module de stabilizare Modul GPS cu compas integrat (pentru Pixhawk)
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Modul GPS cu compas integrat (pentru Pixhawk)

The Ardupilot unmanned autopilot firmware is constantly evolving. The fixed-wing and flying-wing FPV flights are increasingly inseparable from the GPS positioning system. The M8N has always been the best option of the Pixhawk Pixracer with its high precision positioning accuracy and fast search efficiency. This M8N GPS adopts the original imported M8N chip and optimizes the function module group. The built-in electronic compass has a refresh rate up to 10Hz. The precision is higher, the speed and number of search stars are obviously improved, supporting Galileo in Europe, GLONASS in Russia, Little Sun in Japan, and Beidou in China. The module supports GPS+Beidou+SBAS or GPS+GLONASS+SBAS.
Position Accuracy: 2.0 m CEP
Sensitivity2 Tracking & Nav: –167 dBm
Cold starts: –148 dBm
Hot starts: –156 dBm
Update rate: 5HZ Default, up to 10HZ
Baudrate: 57600
Optimize for Pixhawk and Pixracer running Ardupilot firmware 
Size: Diameter 45 mm 
Weight: 20 g
Interface definition: 

1 x GPS
1 x GPS mount

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