Electric Expander 100 AMP Eagle Tree

Cod ELEC/EXP/100
Aeromodele Echipamente FPV - UAV Echipamente EAGLE TREE Electric Expander 100 AMP Eagle Tree
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Electric Expander 100 AMP Eagle Tree

Eagle Tree 100 AMP Electric Expander for R/C Data Recorder (ELEC-EXP-100)
The Electric Expander is compatible with Eagle Tree Flight Data Recorder V2/Pro, All Seagull systems, Car Data Recorder, and Boat Data Recorder products. It is not compatible with Eagle Tree original Flight Data Recorder V1 product.
The Electric Expander works with your Date Recorder to measure motor battery pack voltage and current. The Expander measures current by means of a tiny, lightweight hall effects current sensor ring. Battery pack voltage is measured by the alligator clip attached to the expander.
NOTE: a common ground between your battery pack and the Recorder is required for the voltage measurement to work correctly.


Motor Voltage: 0 to 50 V (70 volts with High Voltage recorder option)
Motor Current: 0 to 100 amps, with ~ 50 mA resolution
Weight: ~9 g
Inside Diameter of Sensor Ring: ~5 mm
Cross Weight: 50 g


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