Acumulator LiPo Turnigy 3.7 V/ 1200 mA/ 15C cilindric Cod 9210000034
Acumulatori/ Baterii Acumulatori LiPo Acumulatori LiPo 3.7 V (1 celula) Acumulator LiPo Turnigy 3.7 V/ 1200 mA/ 15C cilindric
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The Turnigy nano-tech round single cell series are the perfect solution for many applications where space and weight are at a premium. These round Lipoly Cells can be soldered together to make compact RX packs for instance in a configuration and capacity that is perfectly suited to your application while giving you the peace of mind of nano-tech performance.

More than just a fancy name. TURNIGY nano-tech lithium polymer batteries are built with an LiPo nano-technology substrate complex greatly improving power transfer making the oxidation/reduction reaction more efficient, this helps electrons pass more freely from anode to cathode with less internal impedance.
In short; less voltage sag and a higher discharge rate than a similar density lithium polymer (non nano-tech) battery.
For those that love graphs, it means a straighter, longer curve.
The nano-core technology in lithium ion batteries is the application of nanometer conductive additives. 
1) The nanometer conductive additives form ultrastrong electron-conducting networks in the electrodes which can increase electronic conductivity. 
2) These additives create a superstrong ability for imbibition in the carrier liquid to supply more ion channels. This improves the ability of ion transmission and ion diffusion. 
Through improving electronic conductivity and ion transmission, the impedance is reduced and the polarization of high rate discharge decreases greatly.
Advantages over traditional Lipo batteries;
- Power density reaches 7.5 kw/kg.
- Less Voltage sag during high rate discharge, giving more power under load.
- Internal impedance can reach as low as 1.2mΩ compared to that of 3mΩ of a standard Lipoly.
- Greater thermal control, pack usually doesnt exceed 60degC
- Thickness swelling during heavy load doesnt exceed 5%, compared to 15% of a normal Lipoly during heavy load.
- Higher capacity during heavy discharge. More than 90% at 100% C rate.
- Fast charge capable, up to 15C on some batteries.
- Longer Cycle Life, almost double that of standard lipoly technology.
* NOTE: Only cells of the same make and capacity should be connected, also only ever connect multiple new cells, never old and new.
Capacity: 1200 mAh
Voltage: 1S / 3.7 V
Discharge: 15C Constant 
Weight: 23 g 
Dimensions: 58 x 15 mm
Balance Plug: N/A
Discharge Plug: N/A
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