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Radiocomenzi Radiocomenzi FUTABA Sistem radiocomanda Futaba T6J-R2006GS 2.4GHz FHSS
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Fully expanded six-channel computer system exploiting 2.4 GHz Frequency Hopping technology, with ergonomically efficient hand-held transmitter design. The transmitter is therefore approved for operating at the maximum power of 100 mW EIRP, giving it ample reserves.
Compact, nicely balanced six-channel computer system of attractive appearance.
Comprehensive software functions make the T6JG the ideal beginner´s system for fixed-wing model aircraft and helicopters. Central input area with clearly legible 127-segment LCD screen.
With stopwatch function for monitoring battery time.
Can be switched to S-FHSS (High-Speed mode - only in conjunction with digital servos) and FHSS mode.
- No crystals, no spot frequency selection, maximum security from radio and background interference
- Clearly arranged 127-segment LCD screen for displaying and adjusting functions.
- 15 internal model memories
- Digital stick trims eliminate the need to re-trim or store trim values when swapping model memory
- Integral Trainer system
- Internal transmitter aerial
- With charge socket
- The stick units are designed for universal mode (Modes 1 and 2)
- Working range on the ground > 1000 meters
- Working range on the air > 1300 meters

Nota: nerecomandat pentru navomodele

In S-FHSS mode, the 6J’s frame rate is just 6.8ms, a response speed unmatched by any other 6-channel flight system. But the 6J isn’t just about speed; it’s also one of the best values you’ll find anywhere.

It’s an easy and natural step up from a 4-channel system. And if you already own a 6-channel, it’s a solid investment with a range of high-end features that goes far beyond what you’d expect. Start with 15-model memory. Throttle and pitch curves for airplanes as well as helis. Electronic swash ring for helis, as well as four swashplate options.

And with the blazing speed, absolute affordability and unequaled value, the 6J also offers the rock-solid security and dependability of Futaba FHSS technology.

The R2006GS auto-adapts to the transmission mode selected, whether it’s FHSS or high-speed S-FHSS mode. And since it operates on a wide range of voltage, you don’t need a regulator even if you use a 2S, 7.4V LiPo pack as a power source.

There's more to the Futaba 6J than a 6.8ms frame rate and blazing response speed. It's also a red-hot value that offers a surprisingly wide range of features. One of the first is the ability to scroll forward and backward through menus — a big time-saver when you're programming. Others include a generous 15-model memory, throttle and pitch curves for airplanes as well as helis and electronic swash ring and four swashplate options for heli pilots. What’s more, most mixing functions can be assigned to the switch you prefer, a bigger LCD shows more information at a glance and there’s a rotary knob for the fully proportional sixth channel. Another plus: the R2006GS receiver, which automatically adapts to FHSS or S-FHSS transmission modes and 4.8V-7.4V power. And with the speed, features and affordability, the 6J also offers the rock-solid security and dependability of Futaba FHSS technology.

Here are just a few of the features that make the 6J one of the best flight system values around!

The 6J faceplate looks clean and uncrowded, yet puts sticks, the programming keys and the rotary knob within easy reach. A built-in antenna prevents breakage and damage.

Angled for a better, easier grip, and balanced for easy neck strap use, the 6J’s case also features a broad, flat base that makes it stand solidly when you set it down. Other features include a charging jack on the side and a square micro-port for a trainer cord on the backplate.

A big 40 x 30 LCD offers more information and easier viewing at a glance. You can see model name, number and type, voltage, modulation (and more) on the home screen; push SELECT and you see the timer!

If you scroll by the function you want, no problem; you can navigate through menus forward and backward with the same ease.

Most of the 6J’s mixing functions can be assigned to the switch you prefer, so you can adjust the control setup to your style of flying.

The 6J’s rotary knob can be used for a fully proportional 6th channel, fine-tuning hover-pitch or scale flaps. It also leaves room for an added programmable mix you can activate with the flip of the switch.

- 15-model memory
- 4-character model naming
- Simple 1-lever/3-button programming
- Data reset
- Airplane & heli software
- FHSS/S-FHSS modes
- Mode 1-4 selectable
- 127-segment, 40 x 40 LCD
- Digital trims/trim memory
- Endpoint adjustment (EPA), sub-trims & servo reversing
- Dual rates & exponential (ail/ele/rud)
- Fail-safe (all channels; in S-FHSS mode only)
- Throttle cut
- Trainer system (cord required)
- Throttle position, mix & low battery warnings
- Up/down & model timer
- Range check mode
- R2006GS S-FHSS Receiver

Functii avioane:
- 2 programmable mixes, plus:
- (2) 5-point throttle curves
- (2) 5-point pitch curves
- Flaperon w/differential rate
- Flap trim (2 rates)
- V-tail mixing
- Elevon mixing

Functii elicoptere:
- (2) 5-point throttle curves
- (3) 5-point pitch curves
- Throttle hold
- Hover pitch
- Gyro mixing
- Revo mixing
- 4 swash plate types (H1, H3, HR3 & H3 w/AFR)
- Swash AFR (ail/ele/pitch)
- Throttle mix
- Electronic swash ring
- Throttle delay
- Pitch delay

Specificatiile emitatorului:
Type: 2-stick, 6-channel
Functions: 12/6 Servos
Transmission system: FHSS/ S-FHSS selectable
Frequency band: 24004
Spotfrequencies: 30
Current Drain: 150 mA
Power Supply: 4.8-6 V
Dimensions: 185 x 200 x 80 mm

Weight: 740 g
28 simultaneous users
Not compatible with FASST receivers; only with FHSS receivers, e.g. R603 GF, R2004GF, R2104GF, R2006GF.

Raza actiune pe apa: 350 m

Specificatiile receptorului:
R2006GS 2.4GHz S-FHSS 6-Channel Receiver
Type: Full-range flight receiver
Easy-Link™ binding, high-voltage operation, frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum design & Dual Antenna Diversity
Voltage Input:
Compatible Batteries:
NiCd, NiMH, LiPo, LiIon & LiFe
1-11/16 x 15/16 x 516 in (43 x 24 x 7.9 mm)
8.3 grams
Current Drain:
80 mA (@ no signal)

Continutul kit-ului:
1x Emitator T6J in 2.4 GHz FHSS
1x Receptor R2006GS in 2.4 GHz FHSS

1x Intrerupator cu cabluri
1x Manual instructiuni in engleza

Accesorii necesare:
4x Acumulatori format R6 (AA)
1x Incarcator pentru 4 acumulatori format R6 (AA)

4x Baterii alcaline format R6 (AA)

Accesorii optionale:
- Curea de gat pentru radiocomanda (F1515)
- Suport pentru radiocomanda
- Harnasament pentru radiocomanda (Hamuri)
- Pachet acumulatori receptor 4.8-7.4 V (modele termice)

- Cutie de aluminiu pentru radiocomanda
- Cablu trainer profesor-elev pentru radiocomanda

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