Sistem radiocomanda Futaba FX-32-R7008 Telemetrie 2.4GHz FAS... Cod F8073
Radiocomenzi Radiocomenzi FUTABA Sistem radiocomanda Futaba FX-32-R7008 Telemetrie 2.4GHz FASSTest
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T18MZ+R7008SB 2,4GHz FASSTest M2
High-end transmitter of superb quality.

An attractive and sophisticated high-end transmitter of superb quality.
The new robbe-Futaba flagship offers outstandingly elegant design. The new transmitter is now lower in profile, while its smooth, unfussy surface almost gives it a European touch. Equipped with eighteen servo channels, and the new bi-directional FASSTest™ system for transmitting 32 (64) telemetry channels.
The transmitter features an internal model data converter, so that existing T14MZ model files can be read in and converted automatically. Existing features which are largely unchanged include the proven menu system, which naturally has been expanded by menus for S-BUS servo, S-BUS gyro, camera and telemetry display. The system is very straightforward to program in conjunction with the touch-screen control buttons, or the 3-D hotkey and the graphically based Windows user interface. Comprehensive software provides all the essential facilities even for power models, gliders and helicopters with extensive functions. Plenty of freely programmable mixers are available, with fifteen-point curves for setting up very complex mixer functions. The T18MZ transmitter features digital stick trims with user-variable trim increment size. There is no need to adjust or store the trim values when switching model memories. Six digital trims are available in total, which can be assigned as trims to any of the stick functions or to any other transmitter control; they can also be employed as independent transmitter controls. 
Gewicht ca.: 1185
Kanalraster: 2048
1 T18MZ transmitter, fully expanded to 18 channels 
1 LiPo transmitter battery, 7.4 V / 3500 mAh 
1 Automatic 220 V Lithium battery charger
1 R7008SB FASSTest receiver
1 Aluminium transport case
1 Combi tool / stylus
1 Neckstrap
1 Switch harness with charge socket
Excerpt from the functions: 
- Model select, large internal memory for models, music, speech and pictures. External memory using SD card or USB socket. Model and user name with 32 characters.
- Operating hours timer, clock and calendar function, two stopwatches, model memory-specific, with 100 memory slots for lap times and motor run times.
- Unrestricted transmitter control assignment for channels 1 … 16, mode select throttle left / right.
- Sixteen proportional channels, two switched channels, two proportional channels, each can be expanded to eight multi-channels using multi-prop decoder.
- Function reverse for all channels, also hardware transmitter control reverse.
- Trainer mode with individual function transfer and mixed operation.
- Selection of monitor colour, plus contrast and backlight adjustment.
- Digital stick trims, optionally with normal, centre or ATL (asymmetrical) trim function. Optional "global" mode (all flight modes), or "separate" mode (effective only in specific flight mode). 
- Unrestricted selection of trim element for each transmitter control (switches and sliders): such as rotary trims, digital push-buttons, analogue rotary knobs and linear sliders. 
- Servo travel adjustment with Limit function (ATV) for the sixteen proportional channels.
- Four primary stick functions, eight switches, six linear rotary knobs, six trim buttons, one digital rotary knob, all freely selectable as transmitter controls.
- Can be combined with logical switched functions.
- Freely selectable transmitter controls and sequence for the sixteen proportional channels and two switched channels, for up to twelve flight phases
- Alternatively with pre-programmed transmitter control settings from Linear via Exponential to 9-point (15-point) curve.
Separately variable speed setting and delay for both directions ('there and back'). Optional "global" or "separate" modes.
New: twelve flight phases per model memory, with assignable priority, can be freely named.
- Ten frely programmable mixers per model memory. Pre-programmed transmitter control settings available to user, from linear to 9-point curve (can be expanded to 15 points).
- Optionally with or without trim, "Stick-to-stick" or "stick-to-servo" mixer modes.
- Separate delay and speed settings for switching mixers on and off. Mixers can be set up to operate sequentially (cascading), switches, stick functions or virtual functions can be selected as transmitter controls.
- Offset function and fine adjustment using external mixer input trimmer; can be rotary knob, switch or stick. Optional "global" or "separate" modes.
Alternatively, each programmable mixer can be switched from a curve mixer to Offset mode. This Offset mixer makes it possible to mix a maximum of four offset values per programmable mixer, with separate delay and speed settings for switching mixer on and off, to affect freely selectable functions.
- There is a choice of time-controlled offset functions for up to four functions, which can be used as a landing gear door sequencer. 
- Naturally these mixer functions can also be activated in "global" mode (settings applicable to all flight modes) or "separate" mode (effective only in specific flight mode).
- S-BUS menu for programming the parameters of S-BUS servos
- Telemetry menu for configuring sensors and displaying / outputting telemetry data
- S-BUS gyro menu for configuring S-BUS gyros (2nd Master function)
- Language select: German, English, also French, Spanish, Italian and Czech via SD card
Fixed-wing model aircraft
- Comprehensive mixer menus to cater for a vast range of powered model types from those with one aileron servo to models with up to eight wing-mounted servos.
- In addition to the choice of wing type, the user can also select from the following tail variants: normal, separate elevators with aileron function (ailvator) and V-tail.
- Deltas and powered flying wings with 2 … 8 wing-mounted servos are also available.
- Once called up, these mixer menus are pre-programmed to suit the model type, and contain all the essential mixer functions as standard.
Model gliders (Glider)
- Comprehensive mixer menus are also available for a huge range of sailplane types, from gliders with one aileron servo to types with up to eight wing-mounted servos.
- Optionally with or without power system.
- In addition to the choice of wing type, the user can also select from the following tail variants: normal, separate elevators with aileron function (ailvator) and V-tail.
- Flying wings with 2...10 wing-mounted servos can also be selected.
- These mixer menus are pre-programmed to suit the model type, and contain all the essential mixer functions as standard.
Model helicopters
- The helicopter mixer menus differ primarily in the type of swashplate linkage. All the classic linkage types are included as standard: H1, H2, HR3, HN3, H4, H4X and the new H3 90° and H3 140°
- These menus include every imaginable mixer function.
- A special feature is variable pushrod travel compensation for the H3 and H4 types. This function eliminates a common problem involving unequal travels, which can result in servo damage in the long-term when travels are fairly large or asymmetrical. The speed of the pitch- axis function can also be adjusted in order to avoid differential servo transit times in the HR3 / HN3 120° linkage. Optionally with fixed 45 degree (H4X) or infinitely variable virtual swashplate rotation.
- Swashplate ring mixer for 3D-pilots as well as throttle limiter function.
- Triple gyro set-up menu for flybarless system and governor.

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