DJI Lightbridge 2.4G Full HD Digital Video Downlink Cod DJILB1
Drone Accesorii Sisteme de emisie/receptie audio-video DJI Lightbridge 2.4G Full HD Digital Video Downlink
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DJI Lightbridge este un sistem de emisie-receptie video digital in 2.4 GHz Full HD. DJI Lightbridge ofera putere si rezolutie full HD insa este mic si usor.

Avand la iesire rezolutie de 1920 x 1080p@30fps pe imagine video pe o distanta pana la 
1.7 km, este solutia ideala pentru fotografie si filmare aeriana sau pentru pasionatii de zbor FPV. 

- 2.4G Full HD Digital Video Downlink 
- 1920x1080@60fps input and 1920x1080@30fps output 
Extreme Long Distance Transmission
- Less than 100mW ground unit transmission in full compliance with CE and FCC certification 
- 5dBi omni-directional antenna offers an enormous distance of up to 1.7 km (1.05 miles) 
- Optional 14dBi patchantenna boosts transmission distance tremendously to 5km (3.1 miles)

Multiple Input And Output Connections 
- AV input 
- HDMI input 
- DJI Zenmuse gimbal input (Digital Video/Power Supply/OSD Data) 
- HDMI HD image output 
- USB 2.0 image data output for iOS and Android phones and tablet synchronization 
Built-in Remote Control Link 
- Uplink remote control transmission and downlink video work simultaneously on 2.4GHz. 
- Remote control data travels to the uplink via the TX-Thru Port at the same time that video is streamed back down all without interference. 
- Support for two remote controls: one for flight control (10 Channels) and the other for gimbal control (6 Channels). Control signals are received in the air and then transmitted to the flight controller through D-BUS. 
- When used with a non-2.4G radio transmitter, video only transmission operation is supported. The DJI 5.8G radio transmitter is recommended. 
Strong Anti-Jamming Technology 
- Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) + Direct Sequence Spread System (DSSS) technology is used for uplink transmission to enhance stability and offer anti-jamming capability. 
- MIMO multi-antenna technology and OFDM modulation methods along with advanced algorithms are utilized for downlink transmission to enhance data bandwidth, improving dynamic performance and increasing stability even in harsh environments. 
- Channel interference is constantly monitored during downlink transmission with automatic switching between 8 channels for the best possible signal. 
- Up to 8 downlinks can be connected for parallel streaming and work independently without interference.

Low Latency Transmission
Maximum latency of up to 80ms 
Built-in OSD(On-Screen Display)Function 
- No additional equipment required for OSD functions when used with A2/WooKong-M/Naza-M V2 flight controllers. Flight parameters will be displayed onscreen. 
- OSD functionality can be turned off via mobile software for HDMI and iOS/Android Output. 
Must Work With DJI Multi-Rotor Flight Controllers
- DJI A2, WooKong-M and Naza-M V2 flight controllers 
- Phantom 2, with DJI 5.8G radio transmitter. 
Multi-device Operation Mode, Stable And Reliable 
- A single air unit can transmit to multiple ground units sending video to multiple screens. (Only 
one of the ground units can send a control signal while additional ground units will only be able 
to receive a video signal) 
- Encryption ensures only authorized devices can receive data which can be programmed via 
mobile device software. 
Built-in High Capacity Battery 
- Ground unit has a built in high capacity 4000mA battery offering up to 4.5hours of use per charge. 
- Rechargeable through the supplied charger or via a3S~6S Li-Po power battery. A full charge takes approximately1.5 hours. 
- LED battery level indicator 
- Also functions as a USB charger for mobile devices prolonging the life of peripheral equipment.
Electromagnetic Interference Shielded Structural Design
- Aluminum alloy casing 
- Extreme internal and external shielding for interference protection.

Video Input: HDMI, AV, DVSB(For DJI Gimbals) 
Supported Formats (HDMI): 720p50, 720p60, 1080i50, 1080i60, 1080p25, 1080p30, 1080P50, 1080P60 
Supported Formats (AV): PAL25, NTSC30 
Radio Frequency: 2.405-2.4835GHz, FCC/CE certified 
Interface (Ground Unit):
- LED indicator 
- Power switch 
- Charging interface 
- USB 2.0 
- Remote control input (supports two controllers) 
Interface (Air Unit):
- LED indicator 
- AV 
- Gimbal Port 
- Frequency switching button 
External Case: Aluminum alloy 
Power supply (Ground Unit):
- DC power input: 11-26V 
- Built-in lithium battery 
- Power consumption: 6W (without external USB equipment) 
- Power consumption: 8W (with external USB equipment) 
Power supply (Air Unit): DC power input: 11-26V 
Power consumption: 8W (during normal use)
- Ground unit: 125mm x 89mm x 20mm
- Air Unit: 67mm x 47mm x 20mm 
- Ground unit: 360 g
- Air unit: 70 g


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