Aeromodel motoplanor DG-1001M ARF 2010 mm Cod 18-1525KY
Aeromodele Planoare Aeromodel motoplanor DG-1001M ARF 2010 mm
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DG-1001M, BL, servos, retractable engine
The DG-1001M is a scale replica of the popular high-performance glider company DG-Flugzeugbau in Bruchsal. Just like the original, the model has an innovative retractable engine that automatically turn on and extends. When retracted, the engine completely disappears in the fuselage. Two-fit valve on top of the fuselage close the engine bay.
The Hype DG-1001M is a further development of the DG-1000 and features many detail improvements. The entire mechanism of the retractable propeller has been revised. The support system for the swivel mechanism is now extremely rigid, an oscillation of the motor is prevented. Another innovation of the DG-1001M is the wing attachment. The joiner of the two wing panels is by friction over a carbon reinforced wing connector. The wings themselves have built carbon fiber spars for reinforcement. The snap-lock latch that can wing panels securely in place on the fuselage. Another new feature is the opening on the hull bottom. This can either be a ventilation grille or the supplied chassis can be mounted. The icing on the cake of the new DG-1001M is the optical facelift, which gives high performance glider its elegant appearance.
The drive of the DG-1001M is via a brushless motor that is powered by a 3S 11,1V LiPo battery. The control of the motor by a Skywalker 20A regulator, made by HOBBYWING. The controller is ready connected and programmed. A special mechanism ensures that the air screw is in the correct position before the engine is collapsed.
Fuselage, wings and tail are made from the newly developed material HypoDur® and have high strength with minimum weight. The wings and tailplane feature a carbon fiber spar for reinforcement. The DG-1001M is available either as an ARF or RTF version.
The control of the model of all three axes. The ailerons are made through a separate servo, which is located in the wing. All controls are designed as gapless elastoflaps they provide maximum aerodynamic efficiency.
In the air, the DG-1001M shines with good climbing performance and their superior fliding properties. The model is already talking on lowest thermals and enthusiastic pilots and spectators with its unsurpassed flight performance.

- Model replica of the popular glider DG-1001M
- Innovative drive through retractable engine
- New, more robust mechanism for retractable engine
- New wing mounting with snap-lock system and carbon connector
- Opening on the hull bottom for chassis or ventilation grille
- SKYWALKER 20A LiPo Brushless Controller made by HOBBYWING
- Appropriate LiPo brushless motor with high efficiency
- Fuselage, wing and tail are made of the lightweight material HypoDur®
- Wings and tailplane with carbon fiber spar
- All control surfaces designed as gapless elastoflaps
- Powerful brushless motor
- High degree of prefabrication, thus short construction period
- Outstanding thermal properties

Wingspan: 2010 mm
Length: 970 mm
Wing Area: 22.5 dm
Weight approx .: 750 g
Battery: LiPo 11.1V
Scale approx: 1: 9.9
Motor: Brushless outrunner Ø26x28mm/ 1500 kV

- Fuselage, wings and empennage from HypoDur®
- 5 Micro servos
- Brushless electric motor
- SKYWALKER 20A LiPo Brushless Controller of HOBBYWING

Required accessories:
- Remote control system from 4 channels
- LiPo Battery 11.1V / 1.900 mAh
- Charger LiPo


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